Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to save money on gas

Gas, in general is cheaper than electricity. For an energy efficient household it is recommended you either have solar power or switch what you can such as cooking, heating and hot water to gas. I have had gas for years and the difference between my total power costs (that is, adding my gas and electricity bills together) I significantly less than friends of mine who use electricity only, even though our behaviours and habits are much the same.

Even though gas is cheaper, it doesn’t come free. In winter it can be a huge shock when you get your bill, especially for heating, but there are many ways you can reduce your gas expenses.

1.) Lower the temperature – Whether it is your hot water, cooking or heating, you don’t need to have it on the highest temperatures all the time. Lowering the temperature by a few degrees can save you hundreds a year. With gas cooking the temperature needed is usually lower than electricity to get the same result.
2.) Seal gaps – When it comes to heating your home if there are gaps under the doors and windows you are essentially trying to heat outside as well as in. Block any gaps, close doors and only heat the area you need to. You can buy strips to attach to the bottom of doors and foam strips you can stick on to block slight gaps in door frames and windows.
3.) Take shorter showers – You do not need to stand under hot water for 20 minutes to get clean and wash your hair. Instead, use a timer and keep your showers under 4 minutes. Not only will it reduce the cost of heating the water, but you will save money on water bills too.
4.) Compare companies – You don’t have to stick to the companies who advertise the most. Google the companies available in your area or use a comparison service if you like to see what options you have. The rates might be the same in some areas, but sometimes there are different discounts such as a pay on time discount you can ask about which will make one company cheaper than another.
5.) Use off peak – Some areas have off peak gas. Doing cooking or using hot water during this time can help reduce your bill.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to seriously reduce your bills. A quick comparison, finding the best deal then using your gas wisely will result in saving hundreds of dollars a year.

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  1. We just got gas in the last couple of months but after talking with the company we can change plans at any point without cost, so when we have higher usage in winter we can swap to the high use plan where as now we hardly use it and are on the low use plan. I'll be calling them in June to swap


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