Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make money doing car detailing

If you enjoy cleaning cars, step it up and detail them properly, waxing and everything.
You will need some equipment to start with:

-       Good vacuum cleaner with attachments
-       Upholstery cleaner
-       Polish
-       Buffers
-       Bucket
-       Car cleaner
-       Wheel cleaner
-       Polishing pads
-       A tooth brush is useful for nooks and crannies
-       Microfibre cleaning cloth
-       Sponges

It takes quite a while to perfect car detailing. There are always new products you need and different cars require different treatment.

It can take some time to do each job properly but you can charge accordingly if you do a good job.
Start off by doing some for free to get a reputation and testimonials. Set up a website to post pictures of your work, list your services, prices, contact and any other details you can think of.
Being a mobile car detailer makes it easier to get more work, but some areas can be tricky to work in.
You can do it for car dealerships, real estate agents (they need their cars to look good) or business people. You could do it at people’s homes or at office buildings.
It is simply a matter of putting the word out through flyers, emails, your own site, Facebook, Gumtree etc and getting recommendations.

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