Thursday, January 24, 2013

An extra $500 this week

At the start of this week I was hoping to secure a rental property. I had applied on Saturday for it and I had a feeling I would get it. Since moving is not cheap I decided to try and find an extra $500 this week to help lessen the dent in my savings.

On day 2 I had hit $300 already! It just goes to show I need to set my goals and aspirations higher.

It is now day 4 and I have hit my $500 mark.

How did I do it?
- Sold some second hand books ($105.43)
- Sold beauty products I had not used and most were freebies I got ($50)
- A sponsored post on my blog ($200)
- Found $2 at the shopping centre plus another $1.15 elsewhere
- Sold some seeds ($55)
- Did some hair ($120)

Now, aside from the extra money I also managed to have things come into my life for free that I either wanted or had been thinking about, as well as more income happening in the following weeks which was completely unexpected. I also recovered some money that was owed to me this week, which helped.

I have not been focused for a while, but this week I have been very focused on this goal because moving was so important to me. I wanted spare money to do it and I wanted to move less stuff. Now to turn this extra $500 into a regular part of my income!

How are you making extra money?


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  2. well done - i need to do some facebook/ebay liksting this week

  3. Love this!!! I have ebay also and made enough money to buy my son his christmas presents and all his clothes. Hes a baby and grows so fast its not worth going to a store. Its cheaper then a thrift shop and cleaner. Im learning now people that own stores dont even need to have the stock! Anyone can make money just need to do it! Great read.


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