Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Review and plans for 2013

2012 was a hectic year with many life changing events for me. I separated from my husband, discovered my daughters both have learning disorders needing a lot of help, I went to the States again, moved house, got robbed and a few other things.

What I learnt from it all is that I can choose to be happy. I am stronger than I ever imagined and no matter what happens, my reaction is my choice.

Much of 2012 was filled with so many major events that I didn't think a lot about my goal to be a millionaire by 30. My focus was my children. As such, my aims for the blog changed. I have been struggling to decide what direction I want to take this site. Part of me was going to just stop, but I have decided instead to give it a little make over and put up posts from my list of 1001 ways to make money. I mean, that posts (which is no longer on here) is a great source, yet it has just sat there and I am sure you would all appreciate new ideas on ways to make money.

So Aspiring Millionaire will be less about me and more about what you can do. I will still have little updates for you and my aim is still to be a millionaire by 30, but right now my focus is my family, not money.

Some of my other plans for 2013 include marking more things off my bucket list, publishing another book, travelling more to places I have never been and just spending more time with my daughters. In 2013 I will officially get divorced and at the end of the year plan on moving to Canberra.

What are your 2013 plans?                                

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