Monday, December 3, 2012

Single parenting and moving house

My life has taken a dramatic turn recently. I separated from my husband back in March and we will be getting divorced next year. You have to be separated for 12 months in Australia before you can apply for a divorce, then you have to wait for a court day and you are officially divorce 30 days after that date when the judge approves the divorce. Up until last week we were still living together for financial reasons. Things were relatively amicable, but one of us needed to move.

I found a house the day I decided that I had to move NOW! So I was extremely grateful for that. It has been an interesting experience, the move. My old house will eventually be sold and I will get my portion of the equity, but for now my child support pays my part of the mortgage and I am now renting as well.

It has been interesting reviewing my finances. I rang my internet provider to move to my new address and not only did I get $10 a month off, but they also a mobile number/plan thrown in with $450 worth of calls/text and 1.5g of data. I was planning on checking out my options this week and changing my number anyway, so this was perfect. It will actually save me $50 a month! (My current mobile expense + the $10 saving of internet.) This particular bundle was not on the website when I was looking, but as we were going over everything they put it together for me. Also they waived the connection fees etc. I was not on a plan, but have been with them for 2 years and they have been fantastic.

Many of the expenses I had with owning a home will be gone soon such as land rates, house insurance (I still have contents) and since my new home does not have gas, I no longer have a separate bill for that. While gas hot water and cooking is cheaper, I do not plan on cooking much at the moment and I may end up moving at the end of summer.

My electricity provider offered me a discount because I am staying with them as well and the connection fee was halved.

All up, it is looking like I will save a fair amount of money now I have moved out. I still have other expenses such as speech therapy, rent, petrol, car expenses etc that will use up most of my budget. I used to think I could not afford to live elsewhere while still owning the home, but it looks like I will manage.

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  1. It sounds like you got it sorted and that is great. Hope th home sells quickly so you can move on. good luck


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