Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Garden - Reducing Expenses

I am renting at the moment and will be moving within 2 months so I have no real garden. Instead I have a few things in pots on my front porch. I decided on a chilli plant because I love chilli's but don't buy them a lot since I am the only one who eats them.

I have 3 strawberry plants, 5 lettuce plants, aloe vera and some garlic. I plan on growing a few more things that I use regularly. Obviously 3 strawberry plants doesn't get me far, but it has ben exciting for my children to water them, watch them grow then eat their own fresh strawberries.

With this tiny pot plant garden I am not exactly reducing expense but I am learning a little so when I do have the space to grow plants again, I will know more and hopefully be able to keep them alive.

I have a bunch of heirloom seeds to plant when I have my own place again, even though that probably won't be for a year or 2.

Overall, my pot plant garden has cost me more than it has saved me right now, it is a long term project and provided I can keep these plants alive, they will eventually pay for themselves.

Do you have a garden?

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