Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cuts in my expenses for 2013

Yesterday I posted my budget. One of the things in there, that goes under miscellaneous is my therapy. I see a psychologist every 2 - 3 weeks to help with my borderline personality disorder (and it has helped  so much. I have improved drastically.) It costs $170 a session

Anyway, today my psychologist told me of a new program starting January 1, 2013 in my area which I would be eligible for.

Basically, the Government is going to be fully covering treatments for the type of therapy I need. My psychologist is registered/accredited for the program, so instead of paying each time, it would be bulk billed straight away to Medicare. 18 visits would be covered and since my visits are starting to get spaced out from fortnightly to every 3 weeks and hopefully will be spaced out further soon.

At the moment I do get some treatments which are partially covered by Medicare, but last year the Government slashed funding for mental health, making it harder to get treatment covered. I get back $122 from 10 visits a year, so this new program will save me thousands.

I am very excited about it. Also, as of January, my youngest daughter will be eligible for a $250 payment towards her speech therapy, as well as a payment from my health insurance, plus I can apply for Centrelink assistance for her which would see my income increase by $114 a fortnight. This payment from Centrelink would also mean a $1,600 payment at tax time. This will really help with her treatment.

So while everything is pretty much maxed out for this year (government assistance, private health etc.), from January my expenses will be much less.

My income also looks like it will be increasing fairly soon, in a more steady manner, compared to the rather up and down income I have at the moment.

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