Friday, October 19, 2012

Forced Success Worked!

On the 9th of October I wrote about my plans to force me to succeed. There were 2 major things I had kept meaning to do, but I never really found the time. I knew it was important to me and I should have been MAKING the time instead of trying to find the time, but I had lost motivation.

When I read about forced success (also known as precommitment) I knew this was what I needed to do. So I set myself up in a way that forced me to do what I had been planning on doing.

Today I had to finish a project and send it off. If I didn’t do it, it was going to cost me $1,000! You see, someone owes me money and I made an agreement with them that if I didn’t complete this project, they didn’t have to pay me back.

In case you haven’t noticed, money is a big incentive for me. This turned out to be exactly what I needed to do to find the motivation to finish the project.

I have another agreement like this with my sister over my body. As mentioned in the previous post, if I don’t get to the size/shape I want then I am paying for our whole holiday to Cairns and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef next year. I have quite a few months and have been doing well. I want to look good in my bikini so have been working hard.

Along the same lines, recently we found out our daughters need a lot of extra care which would cost around $10,000 between now and February. At first this seemed impossible, but I decided to book everything in, then aim to find the money.

So far we have sold off lots, got over time and made enough money to cover everything as well as being able to source some of the care they need for free through my doctor and some referrals. By committing to the care plan, I made myself find a way to get the money to make it happen.

Have you ever tried something similar? Commit to something so you have to find a way to do it?

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