Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Force success

I just did something crazy. I had read a post and I can't remember it exactly but it was about creating a way to prevent failure and forcing yourself to succeed. It gave a few scenarios and I thought about it for a while.

Today it struck me. I knew 2 areas I really wanted to succeed in and while I have been doing it a bit, there is a long way to go with both of these goals. I immediately saw 2 ways to achieve these goals, but in a way where if I failed, it would really hurt.

The first is my body. I have a yellow bikini I want to look good in. I am pretty happy with my size and my shape is good, but I want to be more toned so I look good in this bikini.

The way I am forcing myself to succeed is through a holiday. April 2013 my sister and I are going to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and spend time in Cairns. I want to look good, but on top of that I am paying for everything and if I do not achieve my goal, she does not have to pay me back.

I am a fairly driven person. I want to wear this on our holiday and I hate to spend money I don't have to, so these are strong incentives for me to get my body in shape.

The second goal is something I have set a deadline for a few times, yet still not finished. Someone currently owes me over $1,000. I have an agreement with them now that if this goal is not completed by Friday 19th october, 2012, they keep $1,000 of what they owe me.

These 2 things stand to lose me a lot of money if I don't do them, but if I do achieve them I will be healthier and with the second goal I will have another income stream set up.

Have you ever thought of forcing yourself to succeed? What would you do?

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