Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Investing in myself

Lately I have been takingmroe time for myself. I have been spending more time with my daughters and more time meeting new people. I have also been thinking about what I really want and my goals.

My life has changed a lot lately and as such, so have my goals and ambition. One of my goals has always been to get fit, but it wasn't until recently that i have really started to focus on it properly and take some steps to improve my health.

I have overhauled the way I eat, what I eat, portion sizes and when I eat. I never used to be a big breakfast eater and I'm still not, but I make sure I have a fruit salad sprinkled with chia seeds to get me going in the morning. Then a few hours later I have a small snack such as some fruit and nuts, a carrot or something.

I am trying to eat more raw foods, less meat and diary and reducing my sugar intake. Doing this I have more energy and don't feel as hungry.

I have enrolled in a dance class which starts at the end of October. I am quite shy when it comes to dancing, but it is something I want to be confident in, so I decided to invest in myself and get some lessons. I'm starting with 1 class a week, but there are 2 classes I am interested in, so I may take on the other one later too.

Aside from my health, I have also been investing more time in myself by taking care of my beauty routine better. I used to be pretty hopeless when it came to a skincare routine, but now I make sure I clean my face properly and moisturise and my skin has never been better.

There are little things I have been doing every day which make me feel better about myself such as using moisturiser all over. My legs used to get dry sometimes, but now I never have to worry about it. It doesn't take long, but that little routine each morning has boosted my confidence.

There are so many ways we can invest in ourselves. Taking classes to learn things, working on our health and fitness, taking time to have a beauty routine, taking time out t just relax, get a massage every now and then. While it might cost a little, if you budget it in, it's fine and well worth it.

How do you invest in yourself?

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