Monday, September 17, 2012

FinCon12 - My thoughts on the Financial Blogger Conference

I recently went to Denver to speak at the Financial Blogger Conference which was held in Denver this year. It is my favourite conference and I plan on attending every year for as long as possible. I have so much fun "geeking out" with fellow financial bloggers, learning about all things bloggy and financial as well as letting our hair down and getting to know each other.

When I got back and was telling others about the conference, I got asked "So, you just spent most of the time partying?" Um, no. We did have a happy hour every night and an after party and things, but we did a lot of work, including a service project in the few days we were in Denver.

I arrived Wednesday night and there were other bloggers there already. We ate and chatted in the bar of the hotel, but I was pretty tired, so went to bed early. I was excited to be staying on the 24th floor with a perfect view of the mountains.

The next morning I went out to the outlets and did all my Christmas shopping, plus got clothes and make up and things to last me for some time. It is so much cheaper in the USA!

That night there was the Plutus awards and I was absolutely stoked to win "Best International Personal Finance Blog" for my other site KylieOfiu.Com. I was so shocked as I did not expect it at all. An added bonus of winning was the awesome swag bag which was a great back pack filled with things I will actually use!

Friday was the day I spoke. I could not believe it when my lap top started playing up, so I couldn't even practice before going up. Then when I started my presentation my slides were working properly. But once it was sorted, it was all good. I had a great time and got great feedback from my session.

I was so relieved to speak early on in the conference too because it meant I could let my hair down and not worry for the rest of the conference. That night there was a happy hour again, then an ignite event where different bloggers spoke for a couple of minutes each, which was a lot of fun.

Saturday was packed full of sessions, information and that night a great 90's themed after party was held at a club close to the hotel. It was a lot of fun and a great way to meet more bloggers and get to know each other outside of "work".

By Sunday we were all exhausted, but still managed to make it to the few sessions that morning before leaving to come home.

There was so much I learnt over the course of the weekend and I cannot wait until next year. No idea where it will be, but I am definitely going!

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