Saturday, August 4, 2012

Living in the now

Finding the balance between living life/living in the now and saving for the future can be hard. I know many people feel like they are just scraping by from week to week and will never get to 'live their life' or cross things off their bucket list.

Earlier this year I made the decision to get 5 things marked off my bucket list - "I am going to do surfing, see whales in the wild, shoot a gun, ride a horse and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef this year!"
I have the vouchers for surfing, I know where and when to shoot a gun (there is a place near me that has an open day each month, thanks to a reader for letting me know). I've selected the whale tour, but am yet to pay. I know where to ride a horse and the Great Barrier Reef, well that one has changed. I am now going to the UK for a conference so am going to see Stonehenge instead, along with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben etc. So I will be doing more than 5 things this year.

The big difference between those who do things, get things marked off their bucket list and those who don't, is those who do, decide to do it, make a plan and DO IT!

Finances can hold us back, but there are ways around that.
1.) Set up a bucket list account - put aside money specifically for doing those things you have always wanted to do. Even if you only start with $5 a week, it's a start.
2.) Find money in the street etc. Any money you find can go in your bucket list fund.
3.) Start making more money - I have a variety of ways to make money here and have written a book 365 Ways To Make Money which not only gives you ideas, but how to get started, advertise etc.
4.) Enter competitions - there are always competitions for holidays and experiences so start entering.
5.) Plan it - if you know what you want to do, where you want to go etc. you can start planning to get an idea of how much you need. Once you know this it is easier to set a goal and start saving towards it.
6.) Check for discounts - there are numerous sites who have daily specials for travel and experiences. Seek them out, sign up to their emails so you will know when something you want to do comes up for sale.

The most important thing is to decide to do. Set your goal, start planning and do it! Even doing 1 thing a year will see you mark things off and feel like you are living in the now, not just pay check to pay check.

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