Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wedding of the year...

Today I am off to a wedding. I am really interested to see what it is like since they have spared absolutely no expense and it is completely formal.

Most weddings I have been to have either been relatively small or there has been a budget kept in mind. I am not sure there was a budget discussed for this wedding, but I know it will be beautiful.

As I have been getting ready for the wedding I have gotten a little anxious about what I am wearing. You see, I had made my dress, but the closer we got the more I haven't wanted to wear it. So much so, that last night we went looking for a dress. I did find one I love, but I am also stingy and do not want to part with $400. My own wedding dress only cost $300.

This is the dress...

It looked amazing on, but we forgot to take a photo with it on. I tried on quite a few dresses and while some were lovely, it was this one that my sister and I both thought was 'the one'.

The wedding is this afternoon. I either have to adjust the dress I made a little or go buy something. The frugal part of me doesn't want to spend any money, especially since I am doing a no spend, just sell challenge. I did allow myself to possibly have to buy for this wedding. The prideful part of me wants the white and black dress.

Decisions, decisions!

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