Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ways I am making money now

Life has changed a lot over the course of my journey to be a millionaire by 30. I have achieved things I did not even contemplate 2 years ago and have had things happen I never expected. Throughout it all, I have always looked for ways to make money.

Currently I am doing a variety of things at once, to create various income streams instead of just one.

- I have a couple of websites now which I make money from thought advertising, affiliate links and sponsorship.
- I have my book 365 Ways To Make Money as well as an eBook 26 Ingredients and another eBook will be launched soon (just waiting on the cover work).
- I now do public speaking which I am really enjoying. I am particularly looking forward to September because I am speaking in Denver (I love the USA) and I have some local events happening to teach people here about ways to make money and things. I live in a low income area, with many people not even having an internet connection at home, so this opportunity is really exciting to me.
- I still buy and resell items such as books and brand name clothing or accessories. I find it really easy and I have the space to keep items I am selling separate to everything else.
- Hairdressing I still do a little, but for a very limited number of people as it is not really something I enjoy, but I do like doing it for the people I know.
- Freelance writing is something I am really enjoying. I have a real passion for writing and I have had some great opportunities with freelance writing.

These are the main things I do to make money now. What are you doing to make money?


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