Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Travelling overseas

I am scheduled to speak at The Financial Blogger Conference in September. Last year when I went I had a few issues with my card, so when I saw this post on Moneyhound today it really caught my attention.

Last year I didn't notify my bank I had gone overseas so the second I withdrew cash they locked my account. I had a debit card which the hotel I was staying got confused with and didn't process like a normal credit card causing many issues on check out (thankfully they got sorted and the hotel staff were amazing and really apologetic and offered beverages while they sorted it out.)

This year I have been looking into my options more and was leaning towards a credit card, so to have my options listed for me made things so much easier.

Last year I checked with my bank and they were going to charge me significantly to get USD out before I went, so I decided to just use my card over there. The fees were minimal so I decided that was my best option.

You can get a card from the post office to preload it with cash, but like cash, if you lose the card, it's gone.

Another option I have considered is just getting an international account, since I will be travelling a lot and possible living overseas later.

For me, I think a credit card is the best option for travelling provided you are disciplined with it and stick to your budget. I have my budget, now I just need to select my card!

What is your preferred method when travelling for dealing with payments?


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  2. Sorry I deleted my last comment because I was trying to log in under Wordpress. For some reason it's only allowing me to comment using my old blogger account.

    Anyways, I usually bring cash when traveling to the U.S. I do know people who bring a U.S MasterCard to avoid the fees and to pay the lower exchange rate, since Canadian MasterCards typically charge a higher U.S rate.

  3. Travel Money Card with a bit of cash - Personally I'd go with a card from a bank/AMEX terminal instead of the post office. You get two cards and can transfer money from your account to the card on net banking minimizing the risk of losing your cash/money should it get lost or stolen.
    They also have support hotlines that you can reverse charge too as well should anything happen.

    But with some CC you get the travel insurance too so, I'd buy tickets with a Gold CC then take a TMC and cash.


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