Sunday, June 10, 2012

A movie wedding

On Saturday I went to the wedding of my life I think. It was like something out of a TV show like Revenge or a movie where everyone lives in The Hamptons. It was amazing. Being a full formal affair I needed a full length dress.

I had made a dress, but due to many reasons I didn't feel it was up to scratch. On Friday I even went out looking for something else, found it, but couldn't bear to part with the $400 to buy it. Right up until 30minutes before we left, all I could think about was that dress and going to get it.

Instead, I stuck with the dress I had made.

Jac from All Yours Styling and I, she made her skirt too!

I made it from a sheet Jac had, which was unused. Then we added a little sash from a dress I had never worn and Jac made the peacock embellishment.

I started with this, which was all my 'fancy fabrics' and the sheet.

Then the end result was my dress. The peacock embellishment came from a mask and Jac refashioned it

My hair and make-up was done by me. My accessories were $9 (earrings and headpiece), add $2 for the zip I needed for the dress and my total look cost $11!

I was really happy with how it all came together. This wedding was a very expensive, formal affair and I felt fine in my dress. If you want to read more about the actual wedding I have posted about it here.

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