Friday, June 29, 2012

June Recap - NSJS, Tax Time, Blog Conferences

This month has been a big one with a nospend just sell challenge as well as some great new opportunities coming my way.

To start with, my no spend just sell challenge has gone pretty well, it finishes in 2 days and while I was not 100% true to the challenge I held to it pretty strictly. I listed a bunch of stuff on Facebook and eBay, with most items selling on Facebook. I had said to myself that whatever didn’t sell by the end of the month was going to get donated. I am pretty excited about getting rid of anything that hasn’t sold.

I feel like all the extra stuff, even though I was listing and planning on selling it, was holding me back. I am sick of moving it around, storing it or trying to find time to sell it. That was part of the idea behind the no spend just sell challenge, to make me finally list the last of it all and get rid of it either way.

I’m happy with how much I have sold and how much I have made. I didn’t sell everything, but sold enough to make a difference.

This month also saw me decide to complete 5 things from my bucket list this year. The day after I decided this and posted it on my other blog I was told about a UK financial blogger conferences and now I am running a workshop at it. Going to the UK was an item on my bucket list I did not expect to mark off this year, but now I will be. I am so excited.

I have also been booked to run some workshops for Blacktown Council which I am excited about, all about ways to make money. They’ll be happening in September and October as well. September is going to be a busy month with me going to the USA, the UK and working here in Australia, but it is worth it.

The end of this month also marks the end of the financial year in Australia aka TAX TIME! I kept meaning to sort my stuff out and organize my tax before now, but didn’t get to. I like to lodge in the 3rd week of July. I know many people who lodge in the first 2 weeks then end up waiting a long time to get their refunds back. I won’t be getting a refund as such because I have a business it’s different, but I do get a payment from Centrelink for my kids.

How about you, have you thought about tax yet? Did you do a no spend month with me?

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