Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I found my extra $500 this fortnight!

Last week I posted about how my expenses were exceeding my income and I decided to find an extra $500 a fortnight, as in make more money instead of trying to cut back my expenses even further. I am happy to say within 24 hours I had already achieved $300 and within 3 days I had over $500 for this fortnight.

How did I do it?

The first part was an unexpected payment from the government which went straight into my account. I had heard about it, but was unsure if I was eligible. The next was a refund of $30 for switching insurance. I will also be saving $30 a month by switching which is great.

I sold a book and a DVD for $30 and was contacted about placing a couple of links on this blog. Some of this money may take up to 2 weeks to actually hit my account, but the goal of $500 for the fortnight was reached pretty quickly after setting.

While these things are not regular (other than the $30 monthly saving on insurance), it has helped motivate me and made me see it is possible to make more money and that there is money out there, if you just set your mind to it you can make more.

My total just in those 3 days was $555. I am actually considering bumping the amount to $1,000 for this fortnight, seeing as though some of that money wont hit my account within this fortnight.

I have more things to sell, which is a big aim of mine for this month with my No Spend Just Sell Challenge. I know I won't be able to rely on selling my old things forever, but I figure for this month it is a good start, until I have a few other things in place to help me make more money.

How have you gone with making more money?


  1. Congrats! That's a lot of progress. I'm trying to save more for a mortgage so while my expenses are not exceeding my income, I still really want to save more money so I got a side hustle on top of my blog income and regular income. Here's to a great June!

  2. Thanks Melissa and Daisy. :)

    Daisy, that is a great goal, even when expenses are not exceeding income. Good luck!


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