Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finding $500 extra a fortnight

3 weeks ago I wrote about my expenses exceeding my income and how I planned to find an extra $500 a fortnight. Within 1 week I had my extra $500 for that fortnight. I am happy to say I now have another regular $114 a fortnight die to a government payment for my daughters care (she is deemed to have a disability and I am now eligible for carers allowance to help cover her extra costs).

I have sold more things on Facebook and have listed some on eBay and picked up a little more writing work, so I have found my extra $500 for this fortnight too. So far so good!

I plan on selling off a lot more stuff. I keep on finding stuff I would happily get rid of. Obviously I used to spend way too much and be much more attached to my things.

I have also completed my latest eBook on going from Blog to Book which I will be launching very soon, once I finalize some guest posts and the bloggy tour to launch it.

I was almost going to buy some more things to resell as I found some things at a great price but decided I really need to focus on getting rid of what I already have before I get anything else and ultimately my aim is to move away from reselling anyway as I would like more passive income.

How are your finances going?

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