Thursday, May 3, 2012

Make Money Every Day

Other than going to your normal job if you have one, have you ever thought about trying to make money every day? As in doing just one thing every day to make some money?

It might seem an impossible task but since there are so many ways to make money it shouldn't be too hard to do one thing a day to make money.

You might try selling something. Facebook groups are great for selling things instantly. Look for a garage sale group in your area, take photos of things to sell and list them. You could of course also sell things on eBay, etsy (if they are handmade), Gumtree and places like that, but for doing it super fast I found Facebook to be best.

You don't have anything to sell? What about doing mystery shopping or an online survey? They won't make you rich but are a simple way to make some money which can be done from home.

Do some babysitting, either on a regular basis or even just as a one off.

Mow someones lawn, clean their house, do some ironing, mending or other little things that often need doing but people don't have the time or they like to outsource it. Sometimes people want these things done as a once off because they have family coming and they don't have the time. If you let friends and family know you are willing to do things like this on an as needed basis, so there is no pressure to use your services again, you might be surprised how many people have little jobs for you to do.

Have a garage sale. There is a fair amount of preparation involved but on the day you hold the sale you can make a lot.

Send off some jokes, pictures, puzzles or a story to a magazine which pays for them. If yours gets used you will get between $25 and $2,000 usually.

Enter competitions. It is not money you win usually but if you win something you would have bought otherwise it is a saving. Also you can always sell your winnings or use them as gifts.

Pot some plants to sell using cuttings or seeds. Once they are developed you can sell them.

Join a party plan. You do need to book parties to make the money though, so it is a long term thing, not a one day thing.

What could you do today to make some money?

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  1. ur job is good but u should try to get job from ur side contact.


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