Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How much can change in a week

2 weeks ago I set some deadlines fo some goals of mine. 1 week ago I got incredibly sick and am still sick now. It has come in waves with some times when I am better (so I was able to attend a baby shower in good spirits), but I am not going so well now.

This experience combined with many other things happening in my personal life has made me reassess what I do, how I live my life and my goals. So much so that I will be pulling back on all of them.

I am barely awake most of the time at the moment. I cannot eat or function properly. My daughter has a learning delay and needs extra care as well. These two problems, among other things means my million dollar challenge and the other mini challenges I have set myself mean nothing to me.

All I care about is my family and my health. I want to help my daughter to overcome her delay. I want to be healthy again and I can be. It will take a while as there are tests to do and if it is what they think there will be surgery, but thankfully recovery should be quick, it is just a matter of how soon I can get in.

As much as I have wanted to move back to Canberra I am kind of glad this is happening here in one way. I prefer the hospital here to the hospital in Canberra. Also my dr, all the tests needed and after care is free here whereas in Canberra I would have to pay.

But on the other hand my family is in Canberra and I would have more help and support.

My life is so all over the place at the moment with so many things happening which is why my challenges, while they will continue in some way (I am not exactly sure how or when at this point), and I will continue to blog intermittently because I love blogging, my passion and drive for much of this has shifted to my family and my health.

I know I will be fine, I am just really sick at the moment and I know my daughter will improve (she has been doing really well already). It is just that in this point in my life they are my priority.


  1. Oh, Kylie! Just got back to reading my blogs (we've cut down internet time as we spent too much in time and $'s)
    I do pray that all will be well for you VERY soon.
    You do SO much! It might be that the enforced rest is what your body needs?

    1. Thanks Jo. I was thinking it is probably enforced rest too. :)

  2. Get well Kylie. I hope things are looking up for you really soon x


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