Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just go for it

I made the decision the other day that I should just go for it. Go for what? Moving.

I have talked about it. I do not want to stay where I am and it is just getting worse. I tried to like ti, I made new friends and worked on our house etc but I am still really unhappy here. You should not spend your life living somewhere or doing something that makes you unhappy.

So I decided to start applying for jobs where I want to live. If I get one I am moving. Taking this step and deciding to just go for it has motivated me to finally finish some projects around the home to make it easy to sell.

Deciding to just go for it has given me the motivation to go through the house and get rid of things we do not use and I do not want to move.

I borrowed my parents trailer last week when we went to Canberra so I have about a month to get as much as I possibly can done which I will need the trailer for such as clearing our garden, getting new doors and things like that.

I want this house gone. I want to move. I want to live somewhere I love not somewhere I have to.

Have you ever just jumped right in and decided to change your life?


  1. That's a good decision - are you moving far from where you live now? I definitely have made those types of decisions, anywhere from moving here to getting my degree. I can't wait until my life is simpler, though.

  2. What a tough decision. With new opportunities, there are also lost cherished things that are left behind. I totally agree that it's time to move on when a place doesn't feel right anymore.

  3. hi kylie, you should go for it, hopefully it works out well for you! will you sell or rent the current place?

    p.s found your sites through simplesavings!

  4. @Daisy it will be about 3hrs away. I've done this sort of thing a few times and it is definitely worth it.
    @Amy true, but this new place is actually an old place for me, so to me it's like going home. :)
    @Mel Thank you. Plan is to sell this one, it was a rental before and we don't want it at all. SS is great. :)


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