Friday, April 20, 2012

Completing goals

I have some goals and I am not completing them. I have so many things on the go that I really need to complete and set deadlines for. I have blogging to be a great way to keep me on track and since these things all relate to my ultimate goal of becoming a millionaire I thought where better to list them then here?

Blog To Book eBook
I have been meaning to complete this eBook since October 2011! I had it almost ready to go and my computer crashed, taking everything with it. I was pretty devastated, then ended up supremely busy with other projects so it got pushed back, and back. No more. I have decided I will be launching this eBook in 2 weeks. I have finally got my butt into gear to finish writing it. It is a complete guide on how to go from blog to book (as this is what I have done and spoken about at a couple of conferences now.)

I need to organize the cover art, get it edited and formatted, work out my marketing plan and set that in motion but I WILL launch it in 2 weeks!

50 + ways to make money from your blog 
This is a post that has been at the back of my mind for sometime, then I discussed at the Digital Parents Conference that I was going to post it soon. That was 3 weeks ago. I will be posting by Friday 27th April 2012 on

Fast Money eBook 
This is another eBook I have been meaning to finish. It has been in the works for over a year. How bad is that? I am great at starting things, not so hot at finishing them it seems. I sort of lost my passion for this project for a while. I will be launching this by June 30th 2012.

Freebie Blog Launch
I have been working on a new blog for just over a month, then was close to launching and managed to kill it. I was aiming to launch it this week, but had to rebuild it this week. This I will have finished and ready to go by May 1st, 2012.

Ways To Make Money Site
My book 365 Ways To Make Money came from a post I did entitled 1,001 ways to make money. I have actually thought of even more since I wrote that post. I kept meaning to post them on another site or something, but as with so many other things, too many projects sees none of them actually happening. I will have this site done by 31st July 2012.

It will not really be a blog like my other sites, but more a static site with all the ideas up there, so more like a resource site.

Sell 1,000 Things 
This challenge has been going on for way too long. I wanted it finished by now and it is actually starting to bug me. I have sold over 700 items and have a bunch of stuff to sell. I have decided that it will no longer be a focus for me. I feel it is actually holding me back now.

At first it was great as I had so many things to sell, and I do still have plenty to sell. Now I feel the time it takes me to list, sell, post or arrange pick up it is just wasting my time. I would rather spend that time completing my other challenges. I find this difficult to let go. I will sell things at different times when I feel like it, but I am no longer going to pressure myself into completing this challenge within a timeframe. 

Other niche sites 
There are a few other niche sites I have wanted to set up. I have the domain names it is just a matter of getting it all together. My aim is to have these completed by 30th September 2012. I think that is realistic given how many projects I need to complete before then.

I am also analysing where I spend my time, where I want to focus my efforts and am changing things I do both in my personal life and with my blogging.

How about you - do you have goals and projects you need to set deadlines for?


  1. OMG Kylie!!! You and I sound so alike. I met you at speed networking at the DPC12 & had been following your blog for a short time previous to that. I have so many projects in my head at the moment and need to put them down on paper like this to prioritize them & give them a timeframe. Thanks for the inspiration.
    x Allie

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