Saturday, February 18, 2012

You don't need a smartphone!

This is what I keep telling myself. Actually I keep saying "You don't need an iPhone!" I really, really want one and only for one reason - Instagram.

I had a really old iPhone for about a week. It was dying, but I played with it anyway and discovered Instagram. I loved how I could post a pic straight to twitter or Facebook and how easy it was to use. Plus the way I could make my pictures look cool.

I had a HTC Desire HD and did love it for many reasons, but also got a little frustrated with it as the calls kept disconnecting. If it had Instagram I would love it more than an iPhone.

I love smartphones for being able to access the internet easily, for the apps you can have like the Bible (I am Christian and loved being able to read anywhere, anytime). I do miss having a smartphone. But there are many downsides to it.

When I had one I was connected more than I should be. I would check my emails, Facebook and things constantly and I really didn't need to. I would play around with apps and when I was bored I would pull my phone out.

Currently I have a little old Nokia which barely gets Facebook or twitter and I cannot check my email or anything else on it. It is a sturdy little thing and works for what I need - to make calls and send messages. But it is not fancy and I do find myself missing a smartphone every now and then.

It doesn't help that 2 of my sisters just got the latest iPhone. Yes, I am jealous a little. I can admit it. Not insanely jealous, but I would like one too.

So much so that I jumped on and started looking at plans. I have a prepaid phone and never wanted to be on a plan again, but I really wanted an iPhone.

Then I snapped out of it. I do not need one. I do not want to spend way more on a plan than I currently spend a month prepaid and I do not want to shell out a few hundred for a new iPhone. I am getting another HTC Desire from my sister soon and while it doesn't have instagram, I don't need it.

Or do I?


  1. I just discovered Stream Zoo which is like Instragram for Android.

  2. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for that.

  3. I told myself that for the last 5 years and then I caved last month... If I didn't have an hour long commute on public transportation, I don't think I could justify the extra $17 a month for data.

  4. Haha, so sorry but I love my new phone :) I'm surently telling myself that I dont need a data plan on my phone since I'm connected to the net at home constantly anyway. There is always something so long as you can conrtol it its all good.

  5. I had a HTC Desire HD for a while and loved all the smartphone stuff. Definitely worth it for a long commute.

    lol Rachael - YOU are one of the people I mentioned I am jealous of. I will have to check it out when I see you next.


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