Monday, January 16, 2012

When you hit a wall...

Last week I created my motivation wall, my vision board, set goals and things. then a couple of things happened which knocked the wind out of me. It was strange to go from so excited to completely deflated overnight.

One suggestion I hear a lot is to 'get away' or 'take a break/go somewhere nice for a few days." My thoughts were that I couldn't right now. I have nowhere to go, no spare money to go on a holiday or anything.

Then yesterday my husband told me we need to go to Canberra. I love Canberra as most of my family are there. I immediately contacted my sisters and while it is not a full on break I will get to have lunch with them tomorrow.

It is amazing what just the knowledge I am going to have a mini break has done. Almost immediately my mind filled with ideas again and I felt I could do things

I am really looking forward to seeing my sisters. I don't think we have ever had lunch just the 4 of us (ok, my kids and one of my sisters kids will be there too).

I often do other small things to try and get some motivation when I hit a wall like going for a walk or run, catching up with friends, doing some window shopping (emphasis on the window part, no actual buying), cooking a favourite recipe et..

I have to say though that knowing I will see my siblings and being able to catch up with my family is the best way to get over the wall for me.

What works for you?

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