Saturday, January 28, 2012

Power of positive thinking

The past few weeks have been a little hard with many things happening that threw me into a bit of a sad state. I was unmotivated, looking at everything negatively and getting quite depressed. I felt like the situation we were in was quite hopeless and why should I bother with things.

The other night I realised I needed to snap out of it. I knew my wallowing and self pity were not productive and would not help our situation. The only way to improve things is to change your mindset and then actively go out and do things to change your situation.

I know not everyone is religious, but I am. I said a prayer and asked for help to be motivated in the morning to reach a couple of my goals and for our financial situation to turn around. A bit of a greedy prayer, but I did express my gratitude for other things and it was a sincere, heartfelt prayer.

I fell asleep feeling much better about things.

When I woke in the morning I finally had my bloggy mojo back and the ideas were flowing. Not just for my blog but other aspects of my life. We got a letter about my husbands work and everything is good on that front now (he was off work for a couple of weeks) and I achieved a couple of my goals. A few other things happened to make our financial situation a little better.

Since then things are definitely looking up and I feel much more motivated and positive. I doubt very much that if I had continued with my negative line of thinking that things would be going so well. (My husband would still be back at work, but everything else would be as before I think.)

Positive thinking changes your life.


  1. Good for you! I agree that positive thinking honestly changes things :)

  2. All it takes is a shift in thoughts/feelings to start to feel better about a situation. I totally can relate. Glad to know things are getting better!


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