Thursday, January 5, 2012

Money Traps

We have been going over our budget and I am sad to see how much money has slipped through our fingers lately.

There are many things out there that can be little money traps and some that are much bigger. For us it has been:

Take away - mainly my husband buying it too and from work
Short car trips when really we could just walk, but are too lazy
No menu plan - with Christmas, New Years and being between other people's houses we didn't menu plan much and it showed.
Electricity usage - it is so easy to use the dryer and leave things plugged in or on stand by all the time, but when the bill comes it can be quite a shock
Interest - We still have a personal loan and I really want it gone. We have been arranging to change our mortgage as well which will save us on interest. It is amazing how much interest we are paying on these debts.

Have you stepped back and taken a good look at your finances to find your money traps?

A few we avoided, but only just were:
Cable/Foxtel - my parents got it and most people we know have it. My husband wanted it for the rugby world cup, but when I showed him the figures he changed his mind.
Christmas/Birthdays - we nearly went out and spent much more than we needed, but held back and have made plans for this year which will ensure the Christmas/birthday budget is kept.

There are so many things in our every day lives that if we look out for them and change our behaviours will save us a lot.


  1. My money traps are clothes and occasionally books. Probably one my largest expenses is uni texts, if you cant get them secondhand, the next place I will look is the book depository but even then they sometimes don't have them, leaving me to pay full price :/ I need to radically change the way that I think about these things.

  2. Uni texts can be really expensive. Clothes are an easy money trap for many I think.


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