Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free and cheap stuff!

We have scored quite a few bargains in our house lately. We have been doing a no spend challenge this month, so maybe we have been more away of our surroundings and the opportunities out there.

I have desperately wanted a new desk for my room. It didn't need to be brand new, just new to me. I know what I want but also know as long as we have debt I do not want to spend money unnecessarily. At the end of last week I noticed the preschool up the road was getting rid of their office chairs and desks. They were not exactly what I wanted, but they were out for anyone to take for free.

I had no idea how to get one home as it would not fit in my car. The next night there was one desk left as I drove past. I told my husband about it and on the way back from where we were going he told me to pull over so he could look at it. He pulled out all the drawers and put them in the book. Then he said he would carry the desk home for me! How sweet is that!

He is really strong and it was only down the road, so it is not like he carried it for kilometres. I am not saying it would have been easy, it was probably about 700m. We are so happy with our free desk. He still wants to get me the desk I really want, but I am happy with this one for now.

On top of that the other week we scored some fresh produce from a friends garden. Gotta love free, homegrown food.

When I did our groceries some of the items we like were reduced from $2 to 19cents, so big savings there.

Then yesterday we had to duck down to Canberra for my husbands work. It was perfect timing as we were almost out of meat and we get it for extremely cheap from my brothers work GarranTeed Meats in Garran, Canberra since he works there. It is excellent quality. So we were able to stock up again until next time we go to Canberra. We'll be getting some of the organic berries and free range eggs they sell next time too, they look fantastic!

Then finally my parents had some goodies left over from Christmas such as a giant box of chocolates, a big bottle of pretzels, some long life ice-creams and an unopened ham, so we got to take all that home too. 

I cannot believe how fortunate we have been.

What sort of bargains have you scored lately?

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