Thursday, December 22, 2011

New year resolutions

I am not going for new year resolutions anymore. I feel many see a resolution as something they want to do but since almost no one actually does what they set out to do, it is not such a big deal if you break your new year resolutions.

Instead I am setting goals. I am doing step by step plans for exactly what I want to achieve next year. I know where I want my finances to head and what I need to do to achieve that. I know I want a family holiday, I want my house renovations finished, I want to improve my health by eating organically, growing more of our own produce and increasing my exercise again.

Last year I was not so successful with my goals. I did lose weight, increase streams of income and so forth but we had a fairly rough year and I know I did not do anywhere near as much as I set out to.

We have already started doing things to help us achieve our goals next year.

We want to redo our mortgage so we have compared mortgage providers, spoken to a few and are getting our house valued to enable us to get a better deal on a mortgage. This should all be completed within the first few weeks of January.

We are also going to complete some renovations. We have so many things that need completing but never seem to get around to it. We have set definite times to complete projects and have listed specifically what we want to complete.

Without setting specific time and timeframes goals do not get achieved.

What is it you want to achieve this year? Are you going to set a definite goal, with a time frame to achieve it?


  1. Kylie, Thanks for this post. I have a few things rolling around in my head. Chiefly, not wasting my waiting time and being faithful to aim at something.


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