Friday, December 16, 2011

2012 Goals

I have been thinking a lot about my goals for next year. I have many ideas as to what I want to do, but need to discuss it further with my husband. I know our number one goal next year is to get rid of our personal loan. It would have been gone this year had it not been for the work issues we faced.

It's ok though because in the last month we have managed to knock $1,500 off it which was a great feeling and we know we will have it gone within the first few months of the year.

I will also continue with my goal to be a millionaire by 30, but this is where I am torn a little. You see, my husband has an increasing desire to go to Tonga, which I completely understand. We have always discussed going there at some point, but he feels stronger and stronger he wants to go sooner rather than later.

He is 1/2 Tongan 1/2 Maori, and we have been to New Zealand. He was raised mainly by his Maori mum and feels he knows more about that part of his culture than his Tongan side.

A trip to Tonga would not be cheap. Mainly because if we go, it won't just be for a week, it will most likely be for a few months. We would need to be able to cover our mortgage and things here as well as be away for that long.

Part of me feels like that money would be better put off our mortgage, but the other part knows how important this is to my husband and he is so accommodating with everything I want to do and supportive of my choices that I would hate to say no.

So what I am thinking is to work out how much we would need for Tonga, then aim to get double that amount so we pay for Tonga and our mortgage without affecting my millionaire goal as well.

It is a pretty big aim, but I feel confident.

So those are my main goals.

1.) Pay off the personal loan
2.) Save for Tonga
3.) Pay the equivalent of the Tonga trip off our mortgage as well
4.) Continue with my millionaire challenge

What are your aims or goals for this year?

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