Monday, November 21, 2011

Health affects your wealth!

I have been fooling myself into thinking I am ok with how I am. I am happy to have my hourglass shape, that part is great, but I have let excess weight creep back on. How does this affect wealth?

Well, for me, I have a back problem. When I get close to or above the weight I am now, my back goes out a lot which causes a lot of pain. My husband sometimes has to take time of work and I am unable to work, so it affects our income.

It is also expensive to treat when you get sick. It is cheaper to stay healthy and look after yourself than it is to fix the damage.

When I am eating bad, I am not doing my body any favours. It is not just about weight. Being unhealthy causes all sorts of issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. I do not want any of these things. Being unhealthy lowers your quality of life, as well as life expectancy. I don't want to be an unhealthy example to my kids.

You see, not only does my health affect my life, but the example I set is more than likely the one my kids will follow. My bad eating and exercising habits will encourage bad habits in them.

So on top of my health and wealth being adversely affected, the health and wealth of future generations is affected to.

As such, I have decided to step up and take charge. I am not going on a diet or anything. I am simply changing my life and habits to reflect the sort of lifestyle I want. I want to be happy, healthy and live a long life with my family. As such I need to change what I eat, get more active and be aware of what I am doing.

My first step is to lose 5kgs by Christmas. I am doing this by watching what I eat and exercising more. I am also swapping a lot of our regular foods for healthier options. This will be a gradual process to help the family adjust.

Next year I plan on buying some exercise equipment and setting it up in our back room.

I will be a happy, healthy version of me.

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