Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 weeks ago I posted about my new challenge to pay off our $9,000 debt as well as another $7,000 to replace some things and have a small emergency fund.

One of the things we needed was a bed as ours had broken. Last week, guess what we got? A FREE King size chiropractic bed (which is what we needed to buy and would have cost us $2,000 for the mattress, but was out of our price range).

We still need to buy linen as we had a queen bed before that, so that will cost, but hopefully not too much.

Our personal loan has only had the regular payment come out plus a small cents only transfer this fortnight so is sitting at $8,821.78 which is still better than $9,000.

We have discussed our options with banks and refinancing our mortgage so will be going ahead with this soon.

I have been away so unable to sell much, but sold 5 more things so my 1000 things now sits at 367. I have a lot more to list this week and have big plans to both save and make extra money, so hopefully next fortnight I will have a whole lot more!

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