Saturday, October 29, 2011

What stops you spending?

Today I was in Target and they had books reduced to clear (I am a sucker for books), clothing 60% off and more. I loaded up my trolley and was going to get all these things when I stopped and thought.

- The books I am looking at getting, I have no idea if I can resell them. I don't need them myself. Sure I would like them, but they are not a need. Also I have a tub of books I have not read, so no need to get more. I put them all back except 2 colouring in books for my daughters.

- With the clothing, I had a few things I liked and I did get 3 tops, but most of it I looked at and thought "That won't suit me". You know why? I had a personal styling session with All Yours Styling and I know what suits me, what doesn't. I know which colours, shapes etc. are right for me and do not need to waste money on clothes I might wear once!

As for everything else like folders, stationary, manchester and things, whilst it would be nice to replace what we have, we don't need to right now. We have goals and new stuff is not one of them!

So what do you do to stop yourself spending when you don't really need to?

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