Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sell 1000 Things Update

I have still been continuing with my sell 1000 things challenge. I would really like to move so have been getting rid of anything I would not want to move again.

So far I am up to 335 items sold since I started this challenge in June, which works out to be almost 84 items a month which isn't bad, but not fast enough. I have earned nearly $3,000 doing it which is a nice amount and has helped a lot, especially since this past year has been our worst year ever.

Now some areas of my house such as our lounge look pretty bare at the moment. And it could be argued I have decluttered too much in some areas, but we are much happier with less stuff and our garage is still full. I mean it is so full you cannot move in there. I have been going through and listing as much as I can. I do not want to move 90% of what is in there, so why am I keeping it?

Some of it is not mine, but I bet there are over 100 items in there I could sell and I am working on my husband to let go of the others (if it has not been used in the 6 years since it was purchased, it is not going to be!)

Anyway, we have a personal loan of $9,100 we want gone, so the fast I get this challenge done the better. Considering the average price I have been selling items at is almost $10, selling the remainder 665 items would help with that significantly.

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