Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Social Media - Is there too much?

I am suffering serious social media overload. The amount of things I have been invited to do or been told this one is the best/better than the others for xyz is just crazy.

I have checked quite a few of them out and can honestly say Facebook and twitter have had the most affect on my blog. Everything else looks interesting, but I feel like if i was on all of them, it would take away even more time.

What other ones am I talking about?

Google+: I am on it, it is interesting, but I feel, and I have noticed others feel the same, it is just another one. it is similar to Facebook and yes it does have some other features, but you would need to convince everyone to come across, which I think may take some time. I do prefer it, but it is still in the beginning stages.

Klout: Again, I am on it, but only because I don't really have to do much. It is a way to measure your influence using twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

LinkedIn: Yep, I am on this too. I don't really do anything on it and haven't looked at it much, but others tell me it is very interesting.

Empire Avenue: This one I just got told about and had a glance last night. It looks very labour intensive, where you have to buy and sell shares of each other, but I am told it is really great. I honestly don't see myself doing much with it, as it seems just too time consumming.

There are so many other soical media sites out there and I know others are feeling a bit over there being so many. I have decided to focus on the ones I like, and that prove to be the most valuable to me and leave the rest.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I hear you. facebook / twitter, that's as good as I get. I check out klout when I'm procrastinating, but I don't really get it.
    Otherwise that's It I can't keep up with anything else, oh besides my real life!


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