Monday, September 5, 2011

Opportunity for Australian Bloggers

I have been really slack on this blog, mainly because I am not blogging at but also because I have been working really hard on a new project I hope to launch later this week. I need some help thought. It is going to be mainly for Australian Finance Bloggers. My definition of a finance blogger is basically anyone who blogs about money.

Things such as
- Frugality/frugal living/saving money
- Making money
- Investing
- Personal debt journeys
- Personal saving journeys

Anything along those lines.

If you think this is you and what your blog is about, can you email me to discuss an opportunity I have so you can be part of my exciting project. The aim of it is to make some money for all of us, and no it won't cost you, it's not a pyramid scheme or anything, just a way to monetise your blog.

Sounds cryptic, but until I launch it I don't want to say much. When you email me I can give you all the info, a website and everything. email or contact at kylieofiu dot com


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