Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Monetization

I don’t monetise my blogs much, I had not really felt 100% comfortable doing it. I had always wanted to, but sort of felt too small to do it, plus I knew I wanted to move to wordpress. (Which I have done I have 2 text ads at the bottom of my site, but that is it. I have not done sponsored posts, but it doesn’t bother me if others want to. This blog was mainly to be about my journey.

I often receive questions about how I am monetising, or what advice I have. To be honest, I have not done a lot of it, so do not know much. I always planned to, but life got in the way, and I never really had time to focus as much as I would have liked on my blog.

I used to feel too small to do much advertising. I did not want to turn people off by having ads all over my site. I also knew I was growing and wanted to continue that growth, so did not want to lock into a really low rate, then regret it later.

On my new blog I have no advertising. I am still deciding on the look I want for it and what sort of feel. I have imported most of the posts from here and have been posting daily, guest posting and building it to what I want it to be, but have not looked at monetizing it yet.

As for monetising your blog, how do you do it and what is involved?
There are a few ways
- Google ads
- Your own private ads in the sidebar
- Sponsored posts
- Affiliate links
- eBooks

There are more ways, but these are the main ones that come to mind for me. I had Google ads at one point, but felt until I had strong traffic I shouldn’t bother. I also know of a few people kicked out for various reasons, so was a little concerned about that too.

I don’t have ads in my sidebar, but would be happy to do this now.
I am not really into sponsored posts, so can’t really comment on this. There are other blogs that do this really well.

I do have affiliate links here and there and have made some money from them, but it is not something I actively push a lot. I have a few links in my sidebar and have promoted things I truly believe and use, but most of the links on here are not affiliate ones.

As for eBooks, this is something I want to do. I have a half written one, which has been half written for about 6 months, as I got so busy writing 365 Ways To Make Money, studying and setting up my new blog that it kind of got pushed to the side. I plan on finishing it in the next few months though.

If you have a blog, what have you done to monetize it? What do you think works best?


  1. Thanks for putting up a post about this topic. I am wondering how much traffic and vistors would you consider as enough for you to start monetizing your blog?

    i think its smart though to focus on community first before thinking about making money.

  2. I think your blog is very well organized. You should try to monetize it more. Get yourself a media kit together and go for it :)

  3. Google won't let me post as me despite being signed in! GRRR.

    Anyway, Mike, I started following big bloggers (like thousands of followers) so always thought I needed lots of traffic like that, but from what I have seen now, you can get advertisers with very little traffic.

    Thanks Glenys. I will be looking into it more and have just arrange a media kit, so we'll see.

  4. Kylie, why won’t you check out our new monetization platform, Znak it!? The idea is simple and we believe will soon become widely used by all types of on-line publishers including bloggers. We would love to hear your opinion on that.


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