Thursday, June 9, 2011

Would you like me to guest post?

31 days of money is a series of guest posts I am would like to do. I have 31 posts on 31 different subjects, but all of them are related to money. I plan on doing them for the month of July, to celebrate the launch of my book 365 Ways To Make Money.

If you would be interested in having me guest post on your blog, send me an email at

All the posts revolve around either making money, frugality or the money mindset. For example 10 ways to make $10, Treat yourself for $1 or less, How to change your money mindset, How to teach your kids about money etc... So there are a variety of topics, which I will go into further with those who are interested.

If there are any affiliate links that can be used in the post they will be yours, so you earn the money. I will try and find relevent links from your blog to link into the post as well. I will also be heavily promoting each post through my blogs, facebook and twitter. PLUS since it is the month my book comes out there should be extra traffic to my site and I will be setting up a tab specifically for 31 Days Of Money so you will have an easy to find permanent link from my site.

It is to help launch my new website, which I will reveal further next week.


  1. You can guest post on my blog! for sure. Send me an email with more details. N x

  2. Yay for the new book!

    Would love you to have you do a guest post on my blog too (although, if you get better offers from blogs with more traffic than mine then that's cool, I won't be offended!)

  3. Id love for you to guest post on my blog too.
    I shall email you now :-)

  4. I'd love you to guest post on my blog but like Fi, I understand if you get better offers with more traffic to their blog. :) My blog is any tips on making/saving/spending money are welcome!

  5. I too would love for you to post on my blog. Just dont know if its worth your time since my blog is so new and there are so many other blogs out there with a lot more traffic. =(

  6. Thanks everyone. It is open to all and I was hoping to get a mix, as I want to use it to help other bloggers gain traffic as well as exposure for my blog, so I am excited to see you would all like me to do it.

    I have emailed you all and look forward to working with you. Thank you so much.

  7. I would love you to guest post on my blog, but like some of the other commenters I do not have a hugely popular blog either. I love the work that your doing & think you deserve every bit of success that comes to you, as some of your posts are so informative & well thought out. Anyway my email is on my blog if your at all interested.

  8. You can guest post on my blog and I am happy to review your book. Happy to help x

  9. Hi there, I am just embarking on a new challenge which you can read on my blog and a guest post from you would fit in just right, but like the others above, I don't have a lot of traffic so I will understand if you pass :)

  10. Thank you so much Caroline, Multiple Mum and Jollym. I had quite a response, so at this point I am filled up, but if things change I will contact you guys.

    Caroline thank you sooooo much for your support! Good luck with all you do too. :)

    MultipleMum, thank you for reviewing my book too. :)

    Jollym thank you! Good luck with your challenge (just read it on your blog!) You'll do great. :)

  11. You can guest post on mine too. Send me an email and we can get something going.


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