Friday, June 17, 2011

So much to tell you

I have so much happening right now. I am very excited to announce I will be speaking at the Financial Blogger Conference being held in Chicago 1 – 2 Oct later this year. I will be speaking on going from Blog to Book as my book 365 Ways to Make money came about from my this blog.

My book, 365 Ways to Make Money is due out in 2 weeks, so I will have been through the whole experience from start to finish by the time my book comes out. Interestingly enough this week we discovered my book is already available as an eBook on Amazon if you wanted to buy it early. Otherwise it will be in Australian bookstores from July 1st.

Yesterday I confirmed with Dymocks Penrith to do a book signing on July 21st at 6pm. If anyone lives in the area I would love to see you there!

Also I had an interview done through skype this week with PTMoney and that will be a podcast up on his site tomorrow.

Plus, I am now over at I have imported my posts and got it pretty much all set up. There are just a few minor details to finish, but you can check it out now. I will be moving the Google friend connect widget to that site, as that will now be where I am posting.


  1. Wow awesome work!! Congrats!! I'm not far from Penrith at all, if I get a chance I'll pop in :)

  2. That's awesome news! Well done!

  3. Thanks!

    Tubbah, I would LOVE to meet you! :)


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