Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sell 1000 Things

Last week I decided to start something. I decided I wanted to sell 1000 things. Even if those things only sold for $1ea, it would mean $1,000 in my pocket and less stuff in my house. I have way too much stuff.

Last year or the year before I was part of a challenge on a forum, where a member decided to sell 1,000 things to help with spending money on their overseas holiday. I am no longer a member of that site so can’t find the link to the blog they had. They did pretty well and had a good time on their trip.

I have been looking around my home and I am sure I could come up with a fair amount of things to sell, as well as make things to sell etc. It didn’t have to be 1000 things you have right now. You just need to find a way to sell 1000 things.

I have 20 weeks left of my $40,000 challenge so decided what better time than now to do a 1000 things challenge. It will help de-clutter my home, clean out my garage and put money in my pocket.

Think about it. There are more ways to sell things than you probably think. It doesn’t need to be all your own things you sell, although that is a good starting point.

- You could host a garage sale, put things on Gum Tree or eBay, list them on Facebook. It doesn’t just have to be things you own, thought that is a great place to start.

- You could start doing party plan like Tupperware, Larissa Bright or Nutrimetics. Sell Avon or something at work or to family and friends.

- Write and sell an eBook

- Buy stuff to resell

- Make crafty things like cards, table cloths, aprons or anything else to use up your fabric stash

- Bake things to sell such as cookies, cakes and slices. You could try selling them to businesses as well as at markets.

When looking at places to sell you could

- Host the garage sale in your driveway, lawn or have an in house sale

- Sell at markets

- Sell on your own blog

- Create a for sale album on Facebook

- Gum tree, classifieds, eBay, quicksales, any site you can list and sell
- Sell on consignment through stores or directly to them (jewelry could be sold on consignment, whereas biscuits or cakes could be sold directly)

So what do you think you will do?

This is part of my $40,000 challenge for me, so I am really going to go for it! I already had a garage sale last week and have listed more things to sell online. From last week I am currently at 183 things for $822. Pretty happy with that so far!

Leave a comment if you are interested or email me and I will link to you here.


  1. Great ideas. I'm trying to work up the nerve to sell some stuff on Craigslist.

  2. Well done on what you have already sold ... inspiring!

  3. Anonymous said...Well I've got boxes of Retired Stampin' Up! stuff I've been meaning to sell since last October - My maternity leave finishes soon (next month :( ) So my goal will be to get that sold by then.
    I think I'll try ebay again - I have listed them on my blog and facebook with no bites.

    Good luck with your challenge


  4. how do you start a for sale page on facebook?

  5. Thanks everyone.

    Melissa to sell on facebook you can either upload pics to an album to sell to those you know or if you want to start a page there is an option on the left hand column in facebook called ads and pages, you can start a page there. It can be hard to get enough exposure and take longer than just selling through your own page via an album.

    But if you are planning on selling a product/have a business a Facebook page is great.


  6. Great idea. Decluttering and making money, it is a win win. I really need to get a few things on Ebay this month. Good luck, but it sounds like you are well on your way.

  7. Great post :) As much as I really don't want to let go, I've got boxes and boxes AND boxes of my daughters baby clothes that I can sell. I have kept absolutely everything of hers (shes 4) in the hope that we'd have another girl.

    Good luck, ur such an inspiration :)

  8. Sorry AM that last post was from me
    Tubbah at

  9. Very cool challenge. You have given me the idea of opportunity I should really think about. I think my challenge will be time in making something like this work.

  10. Thanks everyone. Glad you all liked it.
    Thanks Tubbah for letting me know Anon was you. :) I just let go of some baby things too. Hard but necessary.

    Good luck everyone.

  11. I find it inspiring that you DO SO MUCH! You research and write this blog, and respond to the comments. Renovate homes. Attend conferences/meetings. Read. Look after your children and husband. Research and write books. I am in awe. Do you ever sleep?

  12. How funny you are starting this challenge again! I logged into the 'For Sale 1000 Things Blog' today, as we kick this challenge off again - I only hit 288 items last year.

    I will be reading your updates with interest. Good Luck!

  13. We had a garage sale last weekend, but I still have things I'd like to sell. I want to both declutter and make extra money but I find it such a long process. Will try to stay motivated!


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