Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sell 1000 Things update

Last week I managed to crack the $1,000 mark with my Sell 1000 Things goal which was really exciting. I have now sold 197 items for a total of $1040.15 which is an average of $5.27 an item. That’s a better average than the $1 an item I was aiming. If I can continue this above average trend by the end of my challenge I will have made $5270!

This week I only sold a few items of clothing and books, but those few items is what tipped me over 1000 Things.

This weekend I know I have a few things that have sold and I will be meeting up with the buyers for them to pay for their items which makes another 8 items once they are counted in.

At this point I haven’t found any more things to sell, but there are still some items I haven’t listed, so will get to that in the next few days. Some ideas I have had for what to sell once I run out of my own things are

- I have an eBook idea which I have started to write, though I was not planning on focusing on it until August/September

- Using some of the craft items I have to create things to sell or creating packs for people to do the actual craft part themselves

- List some photos on microstock photography sites

- Convince my husband to let me sell some of his things.

As you can see, even if you don’t have anything to sell right now, you can create things to sell.

197 items sold, 803 to go!

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