Monday, June 6, 2011

$40,000 Update

How did I do in May? I did ok, not as good as hoped, but ok. I was able to score some freebies as well as sell off stuff. I set a sell 1000 things challenge which has certainly motivated me. I ventured into my sentimental stuff and decided to sell some of it off. I have the pictures and memories, I don’t really need the space wasting stuff.

I had a garage sale finally, it went ok. I am glad I stuck to my guns on one particular sale to a guy calling himself “Uncle Peter”. He kept trying to get a discount, despite everything being super cheap already and I said no. Finally he paid and said “You the first woman Uncle Peter never get a discount with!” He apparently always gets discounts from female garage sale holders.

I also sold a bunch of books on Fishpond, although I have had to chase payments with them, which has been a bit annoying. You have to wait 7 – 14 days for the money to clear into your account, but I didn’t have that happen. It was good when I did finally get the money though. Made $113 this month selling some books.

Sold a few other things on eBay. I made $700 there, but am waiting on payment for one thing still, so not adding this in until the money is in my hand!

I cashed in some reward points for vouchers and during a big clean out of our bedroom I found $10. It was in a ripped, unmarked envelope under the bed. I had never seen it before so can only assume it was/is my husbands. Not that is really matters, our money is pretty much joint for everything anyway.

I spent a bit on some much needed new clothes and I cannot remember the last time I bought clothes and loved them this much, so it was definitely worth it.

Our bills were lower this month which is fantastic. Still working on getting them lower, because I know we can without much effort. The biggest thing would be simply switching things off at the power point when they are not in use. A lot of the time our chargers, washing machine and dryer are left on despite not being used. Wasteful!

I am down to needing $31,540. That’s a lot to find in 4 months, but I am still going to try.

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  1. Amazing job! It never stops boggling my mind how small things can start adding up. Save a couple cents a day and you save a couple bucks over the course of a year.
    Keep up the good work! Worst case scenario you're saving money, that doesn't bad at all to me.

    -Ravi Gupta

  2. Fantastic work! And isn't it great when you find some money you've forgotten about, even if it's only $10.

  3. I'm just curious as to why you need to raise $40,000? Is it for a down payment on a house or for a new car? Anyways just wanted say I like your blog and good luck on your goal of making $40,000.

  4. Woo hoo! go you - that is awesome work! Keep it up and you will reach your goal. Very inspiring work. N x

  5. Awesome job, well done!! :) It sure is a great feeling finding money u never knew/forgotten about :) Great work selling all those books, you're well on ur way to reaching ur goal :)

  6. Thanks everyone.

    ravi It is amazing how all those little cents add up.
    Tat I love finding money. Gives me such a buzz, lol.
    Michael lee, the $40,000 is to cover a few things. Not completely necessary but still very much desired. We already have a house.
    Thanks Naomi.
    Tubbah I have been amazed with the books I have sold lately. It's been great.

  7. Good to hear how your sell 1000 things challenge is going. Hopefully the decluttering is going well and you will have more space in your life for the things that matter ... as well as being closer to your million dollar goal.

  8. Good luck on achieving your goal! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress over the next few months.


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