Friday, May 13, 2011

Planning With Kids - Book Review

I recently finished reading Planning with Kids by Nicole Avery, who blogs at Planning With Kids. I loved the book, which is no surprise since I also love her blog.

Nicole is super organised and has excellent advice for being organised with children, which until you have them you don’t realise just how much they can throw a spanner in the works.

Planning With Kids covers everything from routines right through to budgets and Christmas. There’s a whole section on menu planning, which I love as it just helps so much with the budget and stops the questions of what’s for dinner.

Whilst I have always liked to think I am pretty organised, after reading this I am not! Mind you my children are only 2 and 3, so the organisation factor has not been hugely necessary yet as we don’t do much.

We have had a bedtime routine for some time, but never really implemented any other routines. It is easy to think of routines as restrictive, but what they actually do is give you more time, as there is a time for everything, things get done quicker and jobs don’t pile up. By implementing a few simple changes and creating a few simple routines life in my house runs much smoother. It also helps stop some arguments as everyone knows what is expected and when. (Notice I said some, not all arguments!!)

Planning With Kids covers everything you need to know and do to have an organised family. It covers each stage from babies right through to you as parents. And since Nicole is a mum of 5 who manages to run her household, blog and has written this book! I think if anyone has good planning advice through experience it’s her.

Some of the things covered in Planning with kids are:

- Routines, particularly for mornings, evenings, cleaning and scheduling ‘me time’

- Chores different age groups can do

- Plan a months worth of meals in less than 1 hour

- Navigating life with a new baby (a must read for all parents to be)

One of the things I have changed around my house after reading this book is chores. I always looked at my kids as being too young to do much. My 3 year old used to help with different things when she was a bit younger, but when we moved and had no kitchen, no real organisation it stopped.

Now, I ask if my ‘big helper’ wants to put her clothes away, put the dishes away (I dry them, she puts the Tupperware in it’s drawer, breakables are done by me in higher cupboards), she puts her dirty dishes on the sink and picks up after herself a little more.

It’s not perfect and my Tupperware drawer is a mess, but she is learning to do things and help which will make my life easier long term.

So, all in all, I LOVE this book and think everyone who is or is about to become a parent should read it. Applying what you learn will improve your family life like you won’t believe.

You can buy it here or at book stores.

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