Sunday, May 29, 2011

ATO - 100 People

My brother works for the Australian Taxation Office. He does statistics and things. One of the great things he has done is 100 People. It uses flash player and is a really easy way to see more about tax in Australia and the statistics for the 2009 - 2009 financial year.

It is much easier to understand than reading through lots and lots of paperwork.

12.3 million people loged tax returns that year. 100 people is all the statistics conveyed as 100 people making it all much simpler to understand.

The results might surpise you.

Check it out here. You will need flashplayer.


  1. did you mean 2009 - 2010 Financial Year?
    Important to note also that he was not asked to do this, it was his idea then got the go ahead I'm pretty sure.

  2. No, it said on the site 2008 -2009 financial year. I did forget to mention he did it off his own back. Pretty smart. :)


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