Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Lately I have not been the best at prioritising my time. I have had so many things to do, each with equal importance to me, making it hard to work out what to do first. I have been getting things done, but am questioning the quality of what I am doing. I am trying to do it all at the same time, instead of one thing at a time.

By having an “I can do it all” attitude I am spreading myself too thin and not paying enough attention to each thing I am doing. If I slowed down and took on one thing at a time, prioritising properly I would achieve more in a smaller amount of time.


When you are trying to do a few things at once (which for me is study, my book, renovate my house, blog as well as spend time with my family) you can only give so much attention to each. You will waste time setting up and packing away each thing.

If you choose one thing, do it, complete it and then move to the next one you will not wasting time flitting between projects not really achieving much.

There are some things in life you can double up on, but for big things such as studying or working you can only really focus on one of them at a time.

I have been working with more of a routine and trying to focus more and work out what it is I want to spend the most time on and what I would like to streamline.

I want more time with my family. They are my number one priority. As such everything else needs to be streamlined. But how?

Well, with blogging there are a few ways you can streamline things and make it easier on yourself
1.)    Schedule posts. Write up a bunch of posts and set them up to self publish when you want them to. This way you only need one block of time to do it all, the rest does itself.
2.)    Get guest posts. Guest posts are written by other people and you just need to schedule them in.
3.)    Stop messing around with the layout. Decide what you want, do it, and then leave it. So many bloggers spend so much time tweaking their blog. Yes, you do need to refresh and modify things here and there occasionally, but mostly it should be left alone once you find what works. (I know I have changed mine a few times.)

As for the other things in my life such as renovating, we have outsourced a few things when the price difference between DIY and professional has been negligible. Why spend so much time on something that will take us longer and not look as good. Not saying all DIY should be thrown out the window. I’m just saying for some things it is better to get a professional in.

That goes for a lot of things actually. The hours and hours you spend trying to do it yourself can work out more costly than paying someone else to do it for you.

Another big way to save time and streamline everything is to switch things off. Don’t be on Facebook, twitter, your blog, forums etc... all the time. When you are working focus on just that. If you are writing a blog post do it and it only. Don’t be on twitter at the same time or you will waste and hour and have achieved nothing.

Set a time limit for each task, stick to it, then switch it off and step away.

This I am not so good at since I love my phone and check things on it, but I am getting better. Just because I can do everything from my phone and can be connected all the time, doesn’t mean I should be.

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  1. Excellent ideas! I know the not being on fb etc one works... just need to find the will power to not look at it for a while... !!!!!

  2. Great post!! So true about limiting ur time with things like FB etc. I really need to cut down the amount of time I spend on the computer.

    I'm giving you a Kreativ Blogger award, please check out my page for your lovely award :)

  3. Excellent points! I've been trying to do this myself but often times find it hard to shut out everything. Life is quite a balancing act and it takes practice to be able to walk the tight rope. Keep at it though and you'll hit success.

    -Ravi Gupta


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