Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gifts to make for guys

Men can be incredibly hard to buy for. As I mentioned before I have a few nephews to buy for which I find really difficult. It’s a combination of the parents being very brand conscious as well as me finding male presents harder.

I have however come up with a few ideas for males I thought I would share ranging from young ones (my nephews are under 5) to grandpa’s. These are all either easy to make or relatively cheap to buy.

Young boys
Lego mat - This can either be a mat you can convert into a bag for ease of transport and packing up or a play mat.
No sew blanket - you can make it in character fleece to personalise it more
Chocolate pizza

Slime/playdough/paint - all these can be made with ingredients from your pantry and kids have a ball with them!
Hand soap with plastic bugs - get a jar for liquid hand soap, fill it with soap and put in some plastic bugs
Snakes and ladders - You could sew a large one or just create one with cardboard
Quillow - blanket/quilt that folds into a pillow
Sleeping bag - You can make one out of fleece or other fabric by sewing the edges together
Pencil rolls/pencil case - choose some funky fabric and zips
Art smock
PJ/duffle bag
Super hero capes        
Matchbox car holder
Giant freckles - Just like chocolate pizza, only smaller and covered in 100's and 1000's

Teens/older boys
Duffle bag
Giant cushion
Food – biscuits, cakes, slices, chocolate puddings

Tool belt
No sew blanket
Boxer shorts/Pjs
Christmas stocking
A recipe book of your favourite recipes (if they are into cooking)

Food is usually popular and there are a few options
- BBQ spices or sauces
- Biscuits, cakes or slices
- Bread/cake/slice of the month - take a new one to them each month.
- A stocking or basket filled with goodies
- Masculine soap (such as one with sandal wood and sand. The sand makes it rough and helps scrub off grease as well as exfoliate the skin)
- a cd of their favourite music
- Personalised glass or mug. You can either paint one with glass paints, have one engraved or buy one
- A this is your life dvd

Remember too, you can personalise gifts such as chocolate by getting a mold such as one for golf sticks if the person likes golf. You can do the same for soap.

If you have no money but have spare time you can always offer services like lawn mowing, gardening or cleaning.

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  1. Great suggestions AM, Men and boys really are so much harder to buy for.
    Another great one for the young boys is a fabric tool belt with either plastic or felt tools in it.
    I'll be making one of these for bub for Christmas as he'll only be 6 months old.

  2. Choc pizza looks great!
    And I agree with Peta - thanks for the suggestions!!

  3. Good choices! You know the food gifts never wear out. Guys really do love food, all ages! So I suggest, buy yourself a recipe book and give the boy in your life a treat!

  4. Great ideas! You seem to have really put some serious thought into all of these suggestions!

    So I came across your blog and when I saw the title it made me laugh, but then I saw you were serious and though well then good for you!! I hope you make it to a millionaire!! I'm a college student right now, blogging about life on an EXTREMELY tight budget to avoid anymore student loans, so I'm in the same game of trying to beat the finances!



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