Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Focus on the positive - $40,000 week 2

This week has been amazingly good. So many things indicated it would be a bad money week, especially since my husband only had 1/2 his usual amount of work, but it turned out great.

To start with I went to Canberra and did a little work with my sister in law. It coincided with days my husband was not working, so that was great. One of the days my husband worked was a Saturday which is all paid at overtime rates, so even though he only worked 3 days, his pay was still good.

My husband got an awesome job he started yesterday. It is with the same company he used to work for and since he never really left, they just didn't have a contract for him he has been on the books the whole time, so we can now redo our mortgage and go with another bank for a better deal. This contract also has a higher hourly rate.

Plus now we know his wage I can finally set a real budget because I will know our income and expenses. I have had a loose budget, but when the wage is variable it is a bit harder.

I found out about some money I had been expecting will come in the next few weeks. I found a gift card I got given for my birthday which I didn't even know about. My brother and his darling fiance sent me it so it would arrive before my birthday. It did, but I wasn't home, my husband was and he opened all my mail. He put it inside a package I was expecting (I knew what was in the package and I didn't need it right now, so didn't open it) and forgot to tell me.

That's ok, because it was a double surprise when I opened the package this week.

I managed to reduce our groceries by stretching what I could and experimenting with a few things. I also got a bag from my mother in laws work with $70 worth of food for $7. She can get them weekly and it contains Ol Del Paso and Betty Crocker rejects. The box might be crushed or something like that but otherwise fine.

I also got some free food from my sister and sister in law thanks to a deal my sister in law was able to swing. She is an awesome  negotiator and often gets great deals. We also decided we would go in together on a Costco membership. One opens near me at the same time as near her. By joining together we halve the fee for us and my sister can shop with her as well, so we all win.

I was also able to reduce some of our insurance by $200 a year and have another policy I am looking into. Add that to last week and we are doing pretty well for this challenge.

So what started out as a nervous week turned out to be great. At the start of the week I was looking at the negatives and focusing on how much we were not earning. When I realised what I was doing I changed my thinking and focused on money flowing to us and that we have more than enough and you know what? Money flowed!

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  1. Great work AM!! It is so much better to look at the positives, I know it's hard to sometimes, but it works :)
    At the rate ur going, I definitely think u'll meet your challenge :)
    I've got so much to learn from u, and look forward in doing so.

  2. Congrats you're off to a great start. I think calling your insurance and cable/internet providers to get a better deal is always a great way to save money. We just did this and saved some cash as well.

  3. Awesome, it just so great to hear that! Congrats! :D

  4. Again you've proven that it's all about perspective and attitude.
    Since changing our attitude after your last blog post about this hubby has been given a promotion, 2 pay rises and another 2 on the way.
    Not to mention a much bigger medicare refund than anticipated and the fact that we've nearly reached our safety net threshold so the 2nd half of this year we will get nearly everything back from medicare.

    Change your attitude, change your life.

  5. Well on your way to the $40k in six months - awesome effort!


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