Wednesday, April 13, 2011

$100 Christmas Update

It has been just over 1 month since I committed to a $100 Christmas. I have honestly not thought a lot about Christmas itself, but in my entire gift giving this year I have been looking at what options I have to make/buy a nice gift without spending a lot of money.

I honestly think we have too much stuff. We give and receive stuff all the time and whilst it is nice, I often wonder how much of it gets used or is really appreciated.

The first half of the year is busier for us with more birthdays, our anniversary, mother’s day etc... So I tend to leave Christmas thoughts until a bit later.

I consolidated everything I had bought for presents at anytime into one spot and planned who they are for. I have also got all the wrapping paper, cards, tape and ribbons in one spot. I used to have them spread out and would invariably go get more because I could not find what I needed. Now it is neat, tidy and organised. It is also documented in my household binder.

I am cashing out some vouchers this week to set aside for Christmas. They might be used beforehand if I see anything good though.

As far as making presents goes I am leaning towards growing some plants such as herbs, tomatoes etc... to give as well as making some jams and sauces (I know my mother in law will love the strawberry kiwi fruit sauce that is my husbands favourite) as well as a few baked goodies. I have enough things to make some dream catchers for my nieces, but am still not sure what to do for my nephews, they are all under 6.

I was also considering compiling the recipes I always get asked for from my in laws for them to have altogether in one spot. It would be a simple present to make, but I know it would get used.

I have a house warming next month which I have been trying to work out what to take. I am thinking a hamper of some sort, or possible some of the herbs and things I have been growing.

Now that my house is coming together I have to time to focus more on things to make to give as presents. I think the hardest ones will be my nephews. I know one likes Ben 10, another likes Thomas, Toy Story, that sort of thing, but branded stuff is expensive.

I will think up some gift ideas for different age and gender groups to post later.

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  1. Do you sew? You could get some branded material ANC make them a pillow or apron or matchbox car roll (like a pencil roll but for cars). If you made an apron you could get little cooking utensils to put in the pocket, boys live cooking too. To keep the price down you could make just a small part of it branded, ie a pocket or patch of a pillow and the rest can be recycled material. My Aunty works in Childcare and last year received a big jar full of all the dry ingredients to make a cake and it had a label on it with the instructions on how to cook it. It looked great in all the different collies of the ingredients and was such a clever idea (cheap too).

  2. Thanks for those ideas. I do sew, so I will give it a go making them this week. Thanks so much.

    The jar idea is good too. :)

  3. Screwdrivers! they're like a buck or something from bunnings... :)


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