Thursday, March 31, 2011

March recap

Today is the last day of my education month. I did achieve a lot, but funnily enough it was all education on things other than my diploma. I barely looked at that all month.

Instead this month I attended the Aussie Bloggers Conference where I learnt a lot and got to meet other awesome bloggers.

I did work out a roster and sort of set a plan, but most of it got thrown out the window. Some of it has stayed and I am now tweaking it to suit me. I am glad though that I am getting more organised.

I did educate myself on my website and confirmed I am better off outsourcing that particular thing and have found someone awesome to do most of it, so once it is completed I will share.

I used twitter more and learnt a bit more about using it. I am still not really a fan and don’t update as often as I could, because it’s just not me. I will aim to update more regularly in April.

I finished reading Sweet Poison which was a real eye opener. I have also made some changes at home and have found a local market I like to get farm fresh produce. I also learnt a lot about gardening and things and planted some seeds, which are already sprouting.

So March I think ended up more successful than I thought.

Now onto April...


  1. What seeds did you plant? Good on you for finding the local produce, our hens just started laying eggs! very excited! good luck with your gardening.

  2. I think it is nice to list the achievements as we sometimes get caught up with the things we haven't done and forget what we HAVE done. Good going you'vee done a lot :)

  3. I agree with KJ, sometimes we think we failed because things don't go according to plan. But then when you recap, as you did, you can see you actually achieved more than you originally thought. Well done.

  4. Sounds like you had a successful month. I really didn't like Twitter until I downloaded Tweetdeck to my computer. So much easier to use it now. I just found your blog. I'm young gal, with hopes of saving a ton so I can continue to build my farm.

  5. Thanks everyone. It is important to see what we have achieved. I honestly thought this month I had failed until I started to list everything, then it was more like "Wow, I did a lot!" lol.


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