Thursday, March 3, 2011

March is education month

As per my New Year Resolutions March is education month. This month I wanted to really focus on the diploma I have been doing which I could have been doing faster if I had been focused. Instead, it is taking a lot longer than originally planned. I am also going to be attending...

The first ever Aussie Bloggers Conference!!

Where I plan on meeting heaps of cool bloggers and learning more about everything.

But, back to my diploma...I did just complete the first part of my Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and have received the material for the next stage. I haven’t even looked at it properly yet, as there is so much else going on.

Last month was my organisation month where I was going to set rosters and things, but since a lot of renovations and book editing happened last month, I didn’t end up working it out until the last day of the month. On the 28th Feb, my husband finally sat down and discussed having a proper plan with a calendar and what times we want to do things. So on this I will be putting in my allocated study time each week.

As well as my diploma March is the month I am going to educate myself on my website as well as things to do with my blog. Whilst this education is not the same as going to school it is still education. I have already started teaching myself some things and doing research to set it all up. I will also be educating myself more on blogging aspects I want to know more about.

I am also learning more about twitter, facebook and my phone to enable me to use them all together to improve my blogging.

Besides blogging and my diploma I am very interested in health things and have been reading Sweet Poison which is about the affects of sugar on our bodies. So far it has been a real eye opener. I had wanted to cut sugar from my diet anyway and this has motivated me to do so even faster. I have been doing more research on where our food comes from and what different foods our bodies need and what we don’t. It has been really interesting and something I want to learn more about.

So there is a lot I want to learn this month and I won’t be stopping at just this month, I’ll be continuing to learn new things always. It’s just my main focus this month.


  1. Thanks for the tip on the book, Sweet Poison. i will check it out. Also, I love the idea of dedicating a month to doing something you want to do to move closer to your goal.

  2. Hi

    Dropping by from SITS... Will bookmark and check in tomorrow :)


  3. Good luck on your journey! I love your blog title. Very cool! I also love your picture in your about me section. You are beautiful.


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